Sinead Ó Dubhdhara


Pronounced: “Sinead O’Darra”

Female Human Barbarian (Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 2

Nationality: Irish
Age: 22
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair: Red braids
Skin: Fair with celtic tattoos
Eyes: Green
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

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Leaving her family behind was the hardest thing Sinead ever had to do.

At least thats what she’ll tell you. In truth she couldn’t wait to get away. The life of a stay-at-home mother in rural Ireland is not the life she ever wanted. A drunken mistake had led to her falling pregnant some eight years ago and strict Carthan rules on abortions made correcting that mistake impossible.

Forced to marry the man, Sinead worked the little cottage on the little farm, making a home for her husband and child. The life grated on her more than anything she had ever experienced. She yearned to be outside, in the forests and emerald hills, hunting and running and being alive. After a few years of arguments and beatings, her husband eventually agreed to let Sinead work the farm and he would stay at home to play mummy.

This alleviated the situation somewhat, but the freedom was like a drug. Once she had tasted some of it, she only wanted more. She started arriving back home later and later. Some nights she wouldn’t come home at all, instead spending the night under the stars eating off the land and going straight back to work the next day.

Her only companion during all these lonely years was the drink. Sinead loves a good whisky or a stout ale. Her nights under the stars soon became nights at the local pub. Seeing as the local pub was almost a day’s walk away, her drinking soon began to seriously impact the farm’s output (not that she was actually any good at farming anyway- ask her to skin a carcass and she was golden, ask her to plant a field- not so much. Money was tight as it was, but when the crops starting failing and the animals started dying, things took a severe turn for the worst.

Then the recruitment flyers started going up around the village. The King’s troops came from Belfast to ask for able bodied men to join an expedition to a new continent. Fame, glory and wealth was guaranteed to those who helped bring the word of the Church to these new lands.

The queue to the enlisting table was long, and Sinead had almost finished her hipflask by the time she was called forward. When one of the soldiers laughed at her, she broke his nose with her forehead. After the commotion had died down and Sinead had been dragged away in manacles, she explained that the man had insulted her by saying a woman had no place out of the home. She explained that she was a strong and capable as any man on the expedition.

Luckily for Sinead the Lieutenant in charge of recruitment, a man called Mayers saw potential in her. Rather than arresting her, he agreed to let her join and even fast-tracked her through the training process. She had to pay a fine to the soldier who she hurt, but her first month’s wages covered that and even left her with change.

It wasn’t until she was on the road to Waterford that Sinead realised she hadn’t said goodbye to her family. She was so enthralled with the new life she had found herself in that her old one was already becoming a misty memory.

At Waterford she began writing a letter whilst waiting for the ferry to Wales. She didn’t know what to say and she had never been especially good at writing so she put it as simply as she could.

“I’ve joined the expedition to Piarover. They are going to make me a Corporal. I will send money. I don’t know when I will be back. Sinead”

Thinking about it, Sinead looked around the busy docks at all the men gathering. Men from all over Ireland in the same situation as she was in. She imagined all the wives and children left behind, tears in their eyes as their husbands left. Sinead spat on the ground at the thought of it, then unfolded the letter and made an alteration.

“I’ve joined the expedition to Piarover. They are going to make me a Corporal. I will send money. I don’t know when if I will be back. Sinead”

She handed the letter in and paid the man a thrupence before walking purposefully towards the ferry and her new life.

Sinead Ó Dubhdhara

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