The Exploration of Piarover


Ship’s Log 12th April 1232

We have been out of Portsmouth two weeks now. The crew are faring well, the journey is a long one without sight of land, so I’m proud of the way the crew have been holding up. The weather has been fair and wind strong. We have been making good progress.

We have a very mixed bag of passengers aboard. They have mostly been keeping to themselves, but it is inevitable that the crew would find them in their way. I do hope they find the new continent more to their liking than my ship. There has been rampant sea sickness, and tempers have flared more than once. Mr Matthews has had to break up more than one fight.

I am also uneasy about have women aboard. It is ungodly to have a women aboard the ship, and I am grateful for God’s mercy that he hasn’t already thrown a storm our way. The women are an infernal distraction to the men. It is hard enough to keep men at task without them eyeing any skirt that happens to be on deck.

I will be glad to see the back of the passengers. I can’t help but feel more has gone missing in the last two weeks than all the other passages I’ve had combined. I would toss their lockers if they were on the crew, but I have my orders to be ‘respectful’ of them.

Still, from what I have heard of the new continent, they will soon be wishing they had never even read that flyer. Shame they can’t leave until they’ve earned their way…


Joezmooman Joezmooman

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