The Exploration of Piarover

This is a sandbox campaign set in an alternate reality where the British Empire was much more successful, and started at a much earlier date. It now controls most of the known world, and is known at the Carthan Empire, after the founding of the Church of Cartha around 500 AD.

The campaign begins with you arriving at a newly discovered continent to the South-West of Cartha (Britain). It is a harsh jungle environment and you have applied to be explorers of this new land. The Americas do not exist in this world, and Piarover is located roughly where North and South America should meet.

Other than the replacement of America with Piarover, the geography of the world is the same as it is in reality. All the countries are the same, and while their languages are not exactly the same as they are in reality, they can assumed to be similar enough to use the same names (e.g. French, German etc).

The characters you create will all be living in Cartha, and one of the major cities (which are all the same as in real life, except for Bath being the religious centre of the Empire). You can be of any nationality, as long as you are living in a Carthan city.

The characters you play will have applied to be part of the expedition to Piarover, so must have a reason for packing up and leaving their lives behind. They must also be able to suitably convince the expedition’s commanders why they would be suitable for their role as explorers.

The equipment you take must be able to all fit into a small locker, as space is limited on board the ship. There is no set gold value limit as long as the equipment you have is appropriate for your character.

There is no magic in this world, and there are no materials or items that would not be available in the real world (e.g. mithril, dragonskin).

The Exploration of Piarover

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