Tag: Civilian


  • Matthew Jameson

    Matthew Jameson was born in the German speaking, coastal city of Bergan. Abutting the border of the Scandinavian provinces of the Carthan Empire and with the cold, grey waters of the Baltic Sea lapping against the shore, life in Bergan was grim and dirty. …

  • Francis Lamont

    Francis is the New Cartha's military liason, which means he is responsible for receiving the objectives and orders from the military command, more specifically [[:commander-williams]]. His job is also to report back to the military the activities of the …

  • George Caldrop

    As the Farmer's representative, he is responsible for working with the farmers on New Cartha, and for ensuring that they meet the requirements set by the military.

  • Edgar Beaumont

    As the Skilled Workers' representative, he is responsible for seeing to the bakers, butchers, armourers, blacksmiths and anyone else who has a trade within New Cartha.

  • Johan van der Meltz

    As the Manual Workers' representative, he is responsible for making sure the construction, forest clearing and maintenance of Fort Henry meets the schedule set by the military command.

  • Victor Svelkoff

    As the Dock Workers' representative, he has to make sure the docks are well maintained and coordinating the loading and unloading of ships.

  • Beatrix Kendal

    Ex-governess to 2 boys aged 9 and 11, children to a wealthy widower who thought his boys could do with a woman's touch as well as good education (away from all those common people!!) Beatrix has been a governess all her life, but never stayed with any …