Lieutenant Phillips

Terminally bored and irritable, he is a man who feels life hasn't gone the way he wanted


A tall and lanky officer. He is always seen smoking a pipe, despite the fact he is frequently around large amounts of gunpowder. His uniform is often steaked with ash and powder, making him look disheveled and unkempt.


Lieutenant Phillips clearly does not want to be living in the middle of nowhere in a hot and humid jungle continent. He is very irritable and frequently snaps at those near him. His duties are to maintain and distribute the soldiers’ weapons and armour. A job he is accepting of because it means he can sit around not having to do anything for much of the day.

He is however, a man you want to be friendly with if you want a working rifle or a sharp sword. This means that many of the soldiers have to suck up and play nice to the man. Lieutenant Phillips serves under Captain James and they have a mutual disdain for each other. Captain James has often filed for Lieutenant Phillip’s replacement, but there is simply no other officers available for the post unless more arrive from Cartha.

Lieutenant Phillips

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