Lieutenant Mayers

A tough looking and stocky man, who has a dark sense of humour


Despite his short stature, Lieutenant Mayers is a powerfully built man. He is heavily muscled and has a deep loud voice. He is often smoking a cigar and always has a large, heavy sword with him.


Lieutenant Mayers is the officer in charge of training on New Cartha. He clearly enjoys his work and makes good use of humour to help keep the troops working well. His humour is often of a dark sort, and will often encourage the bullying of weaker soldiers. While this can occasionally cause problems with individual soldeirs, on a whole it keeps troop morale high.

He serves under Captain James whom he rarely interacts with. Lieutentant Mayers has the assistance of a single squad of soldiers to help him with he training. They are fiercy loyal to the Lieutenant, and would do anything asked of them.

Lieutenant Mayers

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