Lieutenant Cranston

A young officer with a good raport with his soldiers.


A man of aroud 25. He wears his officer’s uniform with pride, as if he had only just been given it. Despite this, he is clearly a competent soldier, well drilled and a proficient fighter.


Lieutenant Cranston serves under Captain James, and has responsibilty for the organisation of the duty roster and troop deployment on New Cartha and within Fort Henry. There are 3 platoons of men posted to the defence of the Island who operate in rotation, so that one of which is based within the Fort, one dispersed around the Island and the other is in training with Lieutenant Mayers.

The Lieutenant is a friendly man, who gets on well with his troops. He acts as an excellent buffer for the harshness of Captain James, who lacks the gentle touch. This good relationship doesn’t stop him from being a fine officer, who gets the most out of the men who serve under him.

Lieutenant Cranston

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