Commander Williams

A stern looking older gentleman, still wearing obvious trappings of authority despite the climate


A man of about 50 years old. He has a grizzled, but dignified appearance. Always seen in his full military uniform and carrying his saber. He also has a finely crafted pistol which is ever present on his hip. He has a proud and full moustache and a monacle.


A vetran of many campaigns, Commander Gregory Williams has been fighting for almost all his life. He is a humourless man, but decent and honourable. He will do what is neccessary and not afraid to make enemies in the process. This however, has led him to ‘annoy’ his superiors, who felt Commander Williams skills would be best put to use far, far away.

Commander Williams has the highest authority in Fort Henry. He has immediate control over Captain James, Captain Lewison and Captain Alverez. He also meets regularly with Francis Lamont, the elected representative for the civilian work force.

He is stationed within the Guard HQ, but is regularly found walking about the Fort, as he says ‘keeping his ear to the ground’. He is well liked by most of his officers, but many of the civilians resent his drive, feeling that they are being pushed too hard.

Commander Williams

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