Captain James

Middle aged and heavily scarred. He is humourless and efficient officer.


Middle aged, with many apparent scars across his face and arms. He has clearly seen a lot of combat, and his scowling expression shows his lack of levity. He wears a battered and worn uniform, with a heavy duty sword and rifle. He is clearly a man who has killed and will kill again.


Personally requested for the expidition by Commander Williams for his loyalty and fearlessness. He has served under the Commander for many years and have fought together all across the world. He is Commander Williams’ most trusted officer and will often be found drinking together in the late evening. This favouritism is resented by the other officers, but they recognise the bond which forms through years of joint service.

Captain James is in charge of the defence of Fort Henry. He has three Lieutenants under his command: Lieutenant Cranston, Lieutenant Phillips and Lieutenant Mayers. He drives his officers hard, and expects only the best. However, this determination has resulted in a highly drilled and effective platoon.

He spends most of his time patrolling the Fort and spot checking his troops. Along with the other officers his quarters are in the Guard HQ.

Captain James

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